Maerstanas 0.4.1 Help

How to Play

  • On a player's turn, the player places one stone (stán) on a square on the game board.

  • Stones (stánas) must be placed within the square, not on the intersections as in Go.

  • Stones may be placed on any empty square, either standing alone or adjacent to another stone of either color (creating a heorr or "hinge").

Passing rules

  • When playing with Special Stones, the opposing player may have viable moves remaining while the active player may not. When this occurs, the active player must pass.

  • If the opposing player uses a Thunder-stone, stones are removed from the board so new moves may become available on the player's next turn.

Placement limitations

  • Stones may have no more than three hinges; the fourth side must always remain free.

  • Stones may not be placed such that four hinges are created immediately.

  • The edge of the board counts as one hinge; corners count as two because they border two edges.

  • Play continues until no more viable moves remain.

Thunder-stone rules

  • Players each have one thunder-stone (Þunor-stán), which may be placed on the board during their turn instead of a regular stone.

  • Thunder-stones are the exception to the four hinge limitation. This is because, when placed, a thunder-stone removes any and all stones orthogonally adjacent to its position, whether they belong to the player or the opponent.

  • Stones which have been removed from the board are returned to the respective players and do not count as captures or contribute to scoring in any way.

  • After placement, thunder-stones hinges and scoring are treated the same as normal stones.

Woden-stone rules

  • Players each have one Woden-stone (wóden-stán), which may be placed on the board during their turn instead of a regular stone.

  • Unlike standard and thunder-stones, which are placed on an open square, players use the Woden-stone to replace one of their opponent's stones already on the board.

  • Being able to swap out an opponent's stone can create unique scoring and blocking opportunities, so waiting to use the Woden-stone until later in the game may offer greater strategic advantage.

  • After placement, Woden-stones are scored the same as normal stones.

Last modified: 18 April 2024